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Smart Privaboard is the SaaS software dedicated to the integrated management of personal data protection. It is an intuitive and modular tool, a collaborative platform where each of the company's actors responsible for processing personal data contributes to building the path to compliance.

The main assets are:

  • An architecture that can be adapted to all regulations
  • Dedicated to companies that have or wish to have an international dimension
  • Accessible in the language of each user
  • Tailored to each actor in the company handling personal data

Why choose Smart Privaboard ?
Our solution not only meets the obligations and constraints of the regulations, but also addresses the problems of any business owner :

  • Save time
  • Saving money
  • Increase customer confidence
  • Managing risks
Whatever the country in which the entity operates, Smart Privaboard, thanks to a common collaborative interface, adapts to each member of the company. Our leitmotiv: Clarity, Transparency, Responsibility.

Smart Privaboard

A unique platform for compliance: Smart Privaboard is not just a software, it is a real integrated management solution designed to cover all the needs of a company in terms of personal data protection.

A dedicated compliance platform

  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Easy to work with
  • Multiple notifications
  • Customised reporting

Tailor-made support

  • In your international development
  • In data protection
  • Guides and templates at your disposal
  • Customer service at your disposal

The main features

Our integrated management tool covers a wide range of functionalities that will not only help you to bring your company or group into compliance with the various regulations, but will also serve as an optimisation and management tool for your teams. SPB is fully customisable and provides a solution adapted to the needs of each client according to its problems, size and the nature of its activity, but also to each company's player (workshop manager, administrative assistant, project manager, HRD, legal department and DPO, etc.).

  • This is the essential module! It enables your company to comply with the law.

    It allows :

    • >> The creation and updating of the Record of Processing Activities in accordance with the recommendations of each regulation;
    • >> The inventory of external recipients with whom you exchange personal data;

  • This module is dedicated to the mapping of data flows, it is a precious help to decision making which allows the company to have a global and synthetic view.

    It allows :

    • >> Internal flows of personal data;
    • >> Intra-group flows;
    • >> Flows to external recipients

  • This module allows the data controller to demonstrate accountability through :

    • >> The assessment of its level of compliance according to the principles set out by each regulation;
    • >> Validation of the legal basis ;
    • >> Monitoring of each stage of the processs


Why is Smart Privaboard International ?

Facing a global risk: International groups must bring each of their companies into compliance with one or more regulations. If they do not, they risk jeopardising their reputation and financial health in the event of fines. This can only be achieved with a comprehensive management tool.

  • 01 Adapted functionalities for each regulation

    The growing number of regulations requires an ever-increasing legal watch. To avoid being in breach of the laws that protect everyone concerned, all organisations must monitor the data flows of employees, customers, patients, students, etc. on a daily basis.
    Smart Privaboard stands out because of its great flexibility in integrating the specificities that each group entity is confronted with in a simple manner.

    >> Special categories of personal data,
    >> principes,
    >> legal bases,
    >> Registry obligations,
    >> suitability decision,
    >> contractual relations between stakeholders...

  • Smart Privaboard is the essential tool for centralising the various programmes carried out for all your teams and supports you with :
    >> legal advice regardless of geographical location
    >> several Data Protection Officers (France, Germany, Brazil, South Africa...)
    >> several representatives to supervisory authorities

  • In a multicultural and multilingual context, the only solution is to :
    >> allow each actor to participate in the programme in their own language
    >> to enable compliance officers and decision-makers to be informed of all programmes in their language.

  • Adequacy decisions sometimes differ from one regulation to another.
    The transfer of personal data to other countries must be subject to an impact assessment and the necessary guarantees must be provided.
    Smart Privaboard allows to identify the transfers of personal data for which an impact analysis is necessary and therefore to provide the necessary guarantees to secure cross-border flows.

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